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Seneca Lake National Lake Trout derby

5/28-5/30 2011

 Spent the weekend fishing the National Lake Trout derby with my 15yr old son this weekend. I think the general concensus was that the fishing was pretty slow and that certainly was the case for us. Pre fished on Friday for a few hours and threw some jigs up on the north end with very little success. Had a couple hits and a few chasers but the fish seemed very negative. Trolled for a short while after with the same results.

Day one of the derby I started to run lead core out as soon as we got out of the channel of the state park and just as I closed the bail we had a nice fish on but not for long. picked up a 5lb laker about ten minutes later and that would be the highlite of our day.

Day two we decided to sleep in and get some much needed rest. Started fishing around noon and had steady action for a short while as I broke off my first bite but backed it up a couple drops later jigging with a 9.98lb laker. Ran Her in and she was sitting in second place of the mens division. Headed back out and put an 8.5 in the boat in short order. Called it a day shortly after that.

Day three would be another tough day for us. I missed at least 5 solid hits and then my son boated a nice 6lb 8oz fish. A little shy to make the board. Left the chamber at 11:30 with the scales closing at noon and my fish was still 2nd. Drove back at 2:30 for the awards to see my fish knocked down to fifth. Overall a great weekend even with the slow fishing. I think its just going to pick up from here.

New boat for the 2011 season!!

Just added a 2011 Pro Guide V175WT for this season. Thus far I am extremely happy with this boat. Very maneuvarable with the Minn Kota Bow mount motor and fully rigged with electronics and Big jon downriggers. After Three Tournaments we have a 1st 2nd and third place finish. If your interested in tournament fishing dont hesitate to call me for one of these exciting events. The Finger Lakes offers several events that range from a single day to a weekend. There is no greater feeling than bringing a top fish in to the weigh station after a rewarding day of fishing!

5-08-11 Lake Ontario-Sodus

Nice Sodus BrownLaunched out of Sodus with my wife today. We were a little late gettin out and started setting lines about 8am or so. Headed east out of the chute and hit a nice Coho after a short while. Landed a nice 4lb Brown about twenty minutes later. Just got that Rapala flat line back and it started screaming line out. Unfortunately we dropped that one. Fishing slowed and we headed east and set lines coming back west across the mouth of Maxwell creek. Just before the creek we took a fast strike and landed a nice 8lb Brown. Called it quits after that.“““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““

New Boat!!

Bought a new 2011 Pro Guide V175WT for the guiding season this year. I have the boat rigged with Big Jon electric riggers for those occassional trolling days. We have fished three tourny’s this season so far and have a 1st, 2nd and third place finish! First tourn was on Canandaigua and the first trip with the new boat. Unfortunately we had to break the motor in so there was no trolling and we ran around the lake looking for fish we could jig. It was a very slow bite and most fish I marked were 200ft deep. We did not weigh in a fish. We fished the Avon anglers tourn 2 weeks later with much better results. We were able to troll but the weather was unreal! 40 mph winds with 60mph guhsts!!. Not the best fishing conditions and a ton of rain to boot. We boated a few fish and our last fish was big enough to give us a 2nd place finish.

  The following weekend we fished the Keuka tourn hosted by Avon Anglers. It was the same weather just another Lake. I believe these were the largest waves I have ever experienced on any of the finger lakes. Took advantage of a half hour of lite winds and put a few fish in the boat on jigs but no size to them. Started a deep troll with flasher fly combos and we had a steady pick of lake trout. Keuka while boasting large numbers of lakers they tend to run a bit small. If I recall correct we boated a good dozen + Lakers and ended the Tourn with first and Third place. Not a bad day.

2010 Overview

Last year was a great if not the best year I have had on the water. We fished a few tournaments and had stellar results.  Fished the Red Cross derby and stuck with Seneca lake. We boated many 10lb plus lake trout in March right through early May so we had a good idea where to find them. The first morning of the derby I was fishing with my son and brother-in-law Steve and we dropped at least 6 great fish in the first hour. Fishing was very steady with decent 5 to 8lb fish coming to the boat every few minutes but no monsters to weigh in. Midway through the day I knew I hooked a good fish and after a good fight we boated the 12.3lb laker. I ended with third place with that fish and day two was definately my sons day. He boated one after another and landed a nice 9lb plus fish that we boxed and followed it up with a 11.76 laker. He ended up taking 1st and 2nd place for the youth division. It was all jigging and he was on fire!

Also fished the first ever Lansing Harbor fest derby with my Wife. We started on the North end of the lake with strong south winds that made boat control a real challenge. We boated several fish and the bite was hot but the waves got to be too much. We loaded up and ran south and it paid off. My wife Tarah hooked a real nice 10lb laker to take third place.

Highlite of the 2010 season was a trip with with Jim and Harry on Canandaigua lake. It was Jim’s first time out jiggin and what a trip he had.  We boated about 20 Lakers for the day with several doubles and the biggest finger lakes trout I’ve landed on my boat. Jim brought in a beautiful 18lb laker and made it look easy!!